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Guarantee Solutions

Investment of taxes and duties for the articles, imported within the scope of exemption in accordance with the customs code so as to be taken back against a specific commitment is defined as guarantee. Our Guarantee Department acting in the name of ÜNSPED renders service in the field of customs taxes bound to guarantee accruing for the articles subject to customs regimes in accordance with the relevant legislations, other equally effective taxes as well as solving out fiscal burdens.

After fulfillment of guarantees, encumbrance of articles subject to customs exemption, given at the stage of importation, we carry out follow-up and request process by the relevant organizations, conclude the transactions and make delivery to our customers.

Furthermore, our Guarantee Department gives the facilitation that the guarantees that have to be given to the customs with Interior Processing, Customs Warehousing, Temporary Importation and Processing under Customs Control regimes, which are among the various benefits of Approved Person Status Certificates (A-B-C), are subject to Partial Guarantee System by application of reduced tariff, which brings an economic advantage to the company. We give the aid that our customers replace the guarantee, binding the articles within the scope of exemption in accordance with the customs legislation,with another type of guarantee (For example; Cash-Letter, Letter-Cash, Letter-Letter, Cash-Cash).


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