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Exportation Clearance

Our Exportation Department apart from follow-up of all processes relating to exportation, obtainment of preliminary permissions by the professional associations and consultancy services, takes place in the following processes;

• Special group studies with a project basis,
• Operation follow-up at an international level,
• Research-development studies in the area of Foreign Trade,
• Studies with the purpose to develop exportation,
• Periodical report, presentation and statistical studies in parallel with expectations and requests of companies.

In parallel with the target of our country peculiar to the year 2023, which is 500 Billion, we, who are a chain of the circle, have adopted it as the objective to fulfill the task we are incumbent with. Exportation is at all times realized in a limited time period with the effort to keep up with the deadlines given. We are trying to use the limited time period in the most efficient way and to provide both the accurate and fastest process by weekly regular measurement and assessment of our pre-determined processes. 

 We regularly follow up developments in relation to exportation from our local legislations on a daily basis and additionally, we follow up the latest Free Trade Agreements and decisions taken on a sectoral basis, if any, within the countries and regions to which exportation is carried out with the aim to be more helpful to our exporters. Customs Consultancy Sector under ordinary conditions renders service in the area of Customs Consultancy. We, together with our teams specialized in the area of exportation apart from consultancy, are at the same time the solution partners of our customers carrying out exportation as far as Foreign Trade is concerned.


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