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Frequently Asked Question

Who is Authorized Customs Consultant?

They are the Customs Consultants having reliable qualification who inspect the transactions of Customs Consultant in the name of public and having the authorization in this subject by the Ministry of Trade.


Can Customs Consultancy become incorporated?

According to Customs Law; in the event of executing Customs Consultancy by constituting a private law legal entity, Customs Consultant Assistants can also become the partners to legal entities to be established by Customs Consultants. However, Customs Consultant and Customs Consultant Assistant cannot be the partners to more than one legal entity.


Do Customs Consultants have Fee Tariff?

Minimum Free Tariff showing the minimum fees to be taken against the works and transactions to be done by the Customs Consultants  and determined on the calendar year basis is applied by way of approving when Ministry of Trade finds the same appropriate.

Taking consideration below minimum wage tariff constitutes disciplinary action.


What is Customs Consultant's Financial Responsibility?

In accordance with the Customs Law, in case of having the Customs Consultancy as a legal entity, by having his/her signature appended on the customs declaration or on the other documents accepted as declaration and in the states of knowing or required to know the situation causing the tax loss, these ones become jointly and severally liable against the Customs Administration together with the legal entity they are connected to. In such cases, legal entity becomes become jointly and severally liable together with the person doing the transaction in terms of the taxes taken by the Customs Administration and fines given.

Consequently, both Customs Consultant and Customs Consultancy Company have financial responsibility.


Does Customs Consultant have Criminal Responsibility?

In accordance with Misdemeanor Law, in case of having the conditions come into being, pecuniary punishment taking place in the Customs Law can also applied to Customs Consultant.


Is Disciplinary Punishment applied to Customs Consultant?

The members of the profession who act on the contrary to the solemnity and honor of Customs Consultancy or Customs Consultant Assistance profession, the ones who do not do their works or doing the works with defect or the ones who act by shaking the confidence required by the duty are subjected to disciplinary penalties according to the characteristic of the situation in order to execute Customs Consultancy services as required.

Discipline penalties of warning, reprimand, retention from the profession temporarily and dismissal from the profession are applied to Customs Consultants according to the situation of the act.


What does Customs Consultant Assistant do?

Customs Consultant Assistants work with a Customs Consultant  and they can follow-up business in Customs Administrations in his name. Consultant Assistants can give the customs declaration signed by the owner of the declaration and the required documents for the transaction or usage approved by the customs where the commodity is subjected to Customs Administrations, they can be ready in the openings and examinations in place of Customs Consultant. However, Customs Consultant Assistant cannot demand business follow-up independently, cannot arrange invoice, cannot accept the notifications to be done to  property owners, cannot do written or verbal request and objection in their names.


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